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Company Profile

Ayesha Corporation was established in the year 2009 with a view to bring revolutionary change in the heavy equipment market of Bangladesh. By dint of extreme hard work, talent and perseverence we became one of the leaders in this industry. The market of heavy construction equipment constist of various parties including importers, suppliers, rental service providers, organizational or pvt. buyers, contractors, hire purchase dealers, individuals, parts item sellers, group of operators, helpers, mechanics and other service providing third parties. To bring all the parties in one platform was a herculean task for us. But we had the guts to take the challenge and ultimately succeded on this project. We believe in the sayings 

We don't grow when things are easy; we grow when we face challenges. When life gets harder we challenge ourselves to be stronger. That's how we always stand out from the crowd.

The scope of our operating arena is expanding every year. Our major focus is on the construction or development works of business or govt. organizations. We supply almost all kinds of construction equipment that are required for the project. We import, sell or rent used heavy equipments throughout the country.


Our Core Values

Keeping Honesty and Integrity in our working process is the main quality that our business has to offer. We always focus on clients satisfaction. Our work isn't done when we are happy; The work is done when our client smiles.


We import and supply all major kinds of high grade used heavy construction equipments throughout the country.


We provide top class logistics support to our clients to solve their construction machinery related problems.

Ayesha Corporation Mission

Our Mission

To eliminate the logistical problems of our clients. Maintaining our passion and holding the market leader position in heavy equipment supplying business. Enriching our experience in construction field as a trusted name in the industry.

Ayesha Corporation Vision

Our Vision

To achieve global best practices and become a world class online service provider in heavy equipment industry. We are working towards earning the trust of all stake holders by encouraging ideas, talent and value systems. Building a great community of buyer, seller and rental service providers.

Ayesha Corporation Goal

Expanding Goal

Our aim is to hold and grow our reputation based on transparency, quality, trust, commitment and striving hard to meet the demands of our clients exclusively through maintaining our business ethics.

Our Leaders

Ayesha Corporation Team Member

Mr.Alhaj Didarul Alam


Ayesha Corporation Team Member

Jannatun Nayem

Human Resource Manager

Ayesha Corporation Team Member

Mr. Ayen Uddin Rimon

Head of IT

Ayesha Corporation Team Member

Raihan uddin Fahad

Field Supervisor

Ayesha Corporation Team Member

Rahim Uddin

Chairman & CEO


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