About Chairman

Rahim Uddin

Mr. Rahim Uddin

Chairman & CEO

About Chairman

Mr. Rahim Uddin, Chairman & CEO of Ayesha Corporation is an active member of Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Chittagong Chamber of Commerce and Industry also Member of Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI). He received his Hons. & Masters Degree from Chittagong Nesaria Kamil Madrasha. He is a young and successful entrepreneur in the heavy construction equipment industry. His sincerety, enthusiasm and professional business mentality and strong commitment to his words made him to attain a leading position in the industry. Having good connection among the business community he maintains a potential marketing network. He is active in many organizations, devoted to education, and works to alleviate poverty in our country. He used to visit a number of countries for business purpose. That's why he is cultural and open minded and value others ethics. In a nutshell, his is strict to moral values and ethics and man of words. A quote from him about success:

Success or failure of a man does not depend on his ability, but on his point of view. Those who succeed, behaves like successful people before they succeed. Their belief becomes a reality one day. If you believe that you must succeed, it will manifest. You'll be surprised to see the result of your positive attitude. Don't limit yourself by believing that you can't do. Believe that you certainly can and will become succesful.

Message from CEO

In 2009 Ayesha Corporation started selling heavy construction equipments and Industrial Machineries. Since then, in response to our customer's need, I devoted myself to enhance the variety of rental equipments including used construction equipment and the related machinery items to expand the service network. Our rental service is mainly focused on the entire construction industry. Our rented machines are being used in variety of construction sites including new construction of expressway, railway, airport, harbor, construction of high-rise building in urban areas, construction of industrial complex and huge plants, and other large-scale construction sites like economic zones. Through these rental service, we have been accumulating knowledge on the operation of construction machines and know-how related to the maintenance of such machines.

Ayesha Corporation is dedicated to provide high grade used construction equipments for rental service and satisfy the requirements of special work sites. Our conglomerate include trading of Heavy construction & industrial Equipment, Importing & Supplying business in Bangladesh. We are involved with first class contractors, motor vehicle and spare parts importers, grease & lube oil importers, logistics service providers and C&F agents, stone and bitumen suppliers etc. We welcome the opportunity to work with you if you are a stake holder in construction industry.


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